This is the web site for the Young Bus Managers' Network, originally founded in June 2008.  The site contains news and information about the events organised by the Network.

The Young Bus Managers Network is a not-for-profit organisation helping the industry breed and encourage the next generation of great managers to take our businesses forward. Supported by the Chris Moyes Scholarship Trust, its Patrons are Roger French and James Freeman, who work alongside a committee of five young managers representing the plc groups and independent operators. The Young Bus Managers Network runs two conferences a year in the spring and autumn in a different location each time.

All young managers in the bus industry can register to attend, whether working for one of the big groups or an independent operator. The term 'young' is used loosely and there is no set limit as such, though most delegates will be in their 20s and some in their 30s. 

Our privacy policy: no data will be passed to any third party organisation for you to be contacted as a result of your membership of the Young Bus Managers Network.